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Ann Brackebusch

​​​​​​​​Spring 2017 Classes​ 

Math 094 Emporium Elementary Algebra, 1 pm to 2:20 pm MW, uses ALEKS
Math 099 Emporium Intermediate Algebra, 11:30 am to 12:54 pm MWF Item 4193, uses ALEKS.
Math 148 Business Calculus 10 am to 11:24 am MWF​ Item 4240, MyMathLab​ required

ONLINE: Math& 107 Items 4208 and 4209, MyMathLab​ required.​​ 

​​​​​​Summer 2017 Classes  

These summer online classes require a proctored final exam.
They are scheduled to take place over 8 weeks, however students will be allowed to accelerate and finish earlier, in six weeks or even less.
Online Math& 107, class website is in MyMathLab
Online Math& 146, class website is in MyStatLab 

Fall 2017 Classes​ ​
Math& 107, online
Math& 146, Bremerton campus, 11:30 am to 12:54 pm​ MWF
Math 147, Bremerton campus, 1 pm to 3:15 pm MW
Math 147, online

Winter 2018 Classes​​ ​
Math& 107, online
Math& 146, online
Math 147, Bremerton campus, 1 pm to 3:15 pm TuTh
Math& 148, Bremerton campus, 1 pm to 3:15 pm MW


Spring Office Hours  
Monday/Wednesday/Friday from ​8:25 am to 9:50 am in HSS 343​
from ​Monday April 3 through Friday June 9
EXCEPT Friday May 19 and Monday May 29

OC Student Email​​
​Use your OC student email for all communications with your professors and all Olympic College services.
OC student account information, help is at h​​ or 360-475-7600.
All of the professor's online classes require proctored exams.
​​​A proctored exam is when a proctor, such as your instructor, is present to supervise the administration of an exam.  This means that you will need to go to the Olympic College campus, an​other college's testing center, or a military education center to take one​ or more exams. Email if you have questions.